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A Password Tip for the Non-savvy

If you have forgotten your password for a site and use the password reset/retrieval process – pay very close attention at how they get you to reset/retrieve your password! If they email you the EXACT password you used, this site is not very secure at all and may possibly take part in hacking activities. For […]

PHP short_open_tag: On or Off?

There is always debate over whether it’s best to always use <?php to open any PHP script because by default, web servers are set up to not allow for short code.

Peer to Peer Internet

Stream of thought: With the advent of things like portable storage devices that can act as a wifi hotspot and political and corporate movements to control information over the Internet (i.e. SOPA, ACTA, and PIPA), I predict that in roughly 2 to 6 years, we will have the ability to create our own, personal and public world wide networks. There will be a clear divide in how people share and gathering information.

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