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Google Keep-Me-Crazy

I always get excited when Google launches a new product. When Google Keep was leaked a few days ago, I was mildly excited. When Tom Merritt speculated on Tech News Today (Episode 712, after the 17:45 mark) that maybe Keep would have RSS functionality which would be Google’s answer to shutting down Google Reader, I got a bit more excited.

Today, Google officially announced Keep. Here’s the video for it ….

I went a little crazy after I saw that. Here’s why: Google wants to try and compete with Evernote (which I already use). Ok Google, but Keep is only available to Android users? Evernote is available on all devices so Google’s not really winning anything there out of the gate. There’s also this very robust and trusted product called Google Docs (which I use ALL THE TIME). Hello? Was the Docs team not involved with Keep? Doesn’t it make more sense to enhance the capabilities for Docs and not make another disparate product? These notes are docs after all – they’re just smaller in size. And Keep is a full product release for Google. This isn’t some 20% project that’s in beta (i.e. Wave).

Something went horribly wrong here. Or maybe I’m just not seeing the benefit of Keep being separate from Docs yet.

Help me out here?

I’m a past user of Google Notebook (I loved it!) and so I’m glad to see it come back. Keep needs to be assimilated by Docs though, and at that point, I can dump Evernote and just have all of my notes/documents in the cloud and in one place.