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Sassy Swine 1.0.0 Release on GitHub

Front end development has really changed over the past couple years from when I first started getting into HTML. Front end has always been part of all my web development work, but over the past 2 or 3 years, ‘front end’ has really grown up.

Mix-Fu 1.0.0 Release on GitHub

For the next version of Code Play, I created a new set of mixins that has really changed the face of my SASS files. I have now termed this mixin file Mix Fu and have placed it on GitHub for all to take a look at and clone/fork (if someone ever felt it was interesting enough to […]

Code Play

One day, my fiance, Donna Vitan, asked me to make her a web page where she can just paste code and the code had to be colour-coded.  I gave her a few products that did this, but she wanted it in her web browser. She was being super picky! An amazing JavaScript project came to […]

Neverwinter Mobile Access App

This week I am very excited to have my company, Code Summoner, publish it’s first Android app (my first mobile phone app of any kind). It’s called Neverwinter Mobile Access, it’s free, and it’s for Android (for now). iOS will be next and then I will venture to see how well it works for Windows […]

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