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Birdnapper – The PHP Twitter Feed Widget

This is a very old experiment and has not been updated. I recommend using the (now mature) Twitter API.


Bridnapper 1.1 allows you to display the latest tweets of a user of your choosing. The user you choose must have their Tweets public, otherwise Birdnapper will not be able to display properly.

I developed this originally for use on my WordPress blog on www.jasonrundell.com sidebar, but I’m sure you will be able to find many other applications for it.

Source Files: Download 1.1 ZIP | Download 1.1 RAR


1.) Copy and paste the following into a new file called birdnapper.php:

2.) Create a folder called ‘birdnapper’ in your WP folder: /wp-content/plugins/ and save your birdnapper.php file there.

3.) Then copy and paste this code to display the Twitter Feed:

4.) Make sure to replace ‘TwitterUserName’ with the user name of the person you wish to display Tweets from.

5.) The Birdnapper Twitter feed can be styled anyway you wish with CSS. This is the major advantage it has over an RSS feed. Here is the CSS I currently use:

#birdnapping span.entry-meta{ display:block; font-style:italic; font-size:smaller; }

#birdnapping .follow { font-weight:bold; }

In Development for Version 1.1:

  • Option to allow Birdnapper to scrape from a Twitter User or search.twitter.com using a search term.
  • Custom Filtering
    • Swearing
    • Exclude specific Twitter authors

1.1 Update

Added a line of code to fix inline links to Twitter profile pages. Links will now be external to http://twitter.com. Discovered this flaw when I checked out my Google Webmaster report!

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