Full Stack Web Developer

CloudFTP – Web Server Development

I have recently received my CloudFTP device from HyperShop and, in my spare time, will be trying to take advantage of this device’s unique capabilities. I want to see if this can be turned into a mobile web server that can act independent of the Internet.

I will be an active member of the CloudFTP forums. You can follow my activity here: http://cloudftp.freeforums.org/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=243

I will update this project as I get to know this device and experiment with it’s capabilities.

So far…

  • I have updated it’s firmware to version 11 BETA
  • Connected the device to use my home wifi network – keeping the device’s data private and secure, but accessible to any other devices that are allowed on my home network (D-Link DIR-628 router)
  • Can connect to the CloudFTP device’s stock browser from Android (with UI issues due to WebKit dependencies) browser, Windows Chrome (no UI issues), and iPad2 Safari (no UI issues).
  • Accessed the external USB connected to my CloudFTP via FTP connection via WinSCP for Windows and ES File Explorer app for Android
  • Mapped a drive to Windows computer using the FTP access to the CloudFTp device