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Google Buzz Feed Widget (HTML and JavaScript)

On October 14, 2011, Google announced that Google Buzz would be shut down. As of December 15, 2011, Google Buzz was discontinued by Google in order to focus on their Google+ product. The following project contains outdated material on Google Buzz.

The Google Buzz API was released in Labs recently and I felt like distracting myself with some fun. In a matter of 2 hours I had my own little Buzz feed widget going. Here’s the code I’m currently testing with:

Buzz has been shut down and demo has been removed

View the working demo HERE.

Just make sure to change ‘/jasonrundell/’ on line 23 with ‘/[your buzz name]’ and you’ll have a widget that will display your public Buzzes on any page.

Aside from the several object properties I’m using in this example widget, there are many more available to you to use and manipulate. Let me know what you come up with ;)