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Mix-Fu 1.0.0 Release on GitHub

For the next version of Code Play, I created a new set of mixins that has really changed the face of my SASS files. I have now termed this mixin file Mix Fu and have placed it on GitHub for all to take a look at and clone/fork (if someone ever felt it was interesting enough to do so).

All it does is break down very common (but not all) CSS properties into abbreviated mixins. An example of how it changes the face of a SASS file below:

Through my own use, I have found that Mix-fu doesn’t really try to make smaller, more compact SASS. Instead, it gives the code a more consistent look (or a crazy look?). With LESS, it would look more compact with it’s . (period) prefix on mixins instead of SASS’ @include, but I prefer working with SASS, so for now, I only intend on maintaining an .scss version of Mix-Fu on GitHub.

Download on GitHub