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Sassy Swine 1.0.0 Release on GitHub

Front end development has really changed over the past couple years from when I first started getting into HTML. Front end has always been part of all my web development work, but over the past 2 or 3 years, ‘front end’ has really grown up.

My “AH HA” moment was when I watched a video on FireShell. Seeing SASS and JavaScript being precompiled, linted, and updated within seconds in a browser was powerful. I downloaded and dug into Todd Motto‘s FireShell and loved it. Once I started using it for real projects and was more comfortable with Grunt, I found I was adding and removing things from FireShell until I really had something a bit different and felt like it could use a name and repo of it’s own.


Sassy Swine

Download on GitHub

If you want to build projects which use SASS, Grunt, and Jade, SS might be for you. I have included many popular SASS and JavaScript libraries which you can quickly and easily pull into your project once you take some time to get familiar with the structure of the suite.

If Jade or SASS are not for you, SS can be tweaked to run your preferred methods.

I would like to grow this into something that can also deploy assets to Amazon S3 and work with CloudFront. Maybe even deploy to an EC2.

If you try out SS, I would really love to hear about your experience with it – frustrations, joys, befuddlements, etc. Let me know in the comments below.